Monday, May 23, 2011

Pack Pack Pack!!

Hello All and welcome to my blog!

Well, I am almost completely packed and ready to fly out suuuuper early Wednesday morning. I must admit that I am more than a bit impressed with my packing skills although I have to give most of the credit to Space Bags! Those things are ridiculous!
So, for those of you that don't know, my home for the next 2 months will be here:
For the most part, I will be in Chiang Mai, Thailand learning, exploring, eating, and taking TONS of photos! I hope that you will join me/live vicariously through me over the next couple of months. It will be fun! ;)


  1. yay! How exciting Bethany!! I didn't even hear you mention this to me at all this semester! :) I can't wait to read your blog and stay caught up on all you are doing in Thailand!!! :) Can't wait to see pictures either! :D

  2. Super exciting, Bethany! I am looking forward to following your adventures. Make sure you show us lots of pictures!

    (and I agree about blogster sucking! I had Burton's class last semester and although I loved the class, HATED blogster.)