Thursday, May 26, 2011


27+ hours after leaving Chico I finally arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. After customs, a quick stop at an ATM ($100 gets me about 3,000 Baht), and a looong walk that included escalators that sloped down instead of having stairs, we meet our in country host and come face to face with the soupy humidity. We had to race to the train station in order to catch the last train of the night (midnight) and make our way to our hotel.  One train ride and one taxi ride later we are at our hotel (see pic. below). Now, I checked this place out online and all I have to say is whoever does their website is a genius!! Though the lobby is nice and they offered me a very refreshing tropical drink, the rooms were a far cry from the pictures I had seen. I, however, was not complaining. The room had a shower and a bed which was all I needed! (see pic. below)
Though I went to bed around 2am, I woke up bright and early with the sun at what I later figured out must have been around 6:30am (see previous post about not having a clock or watch). I went down stairs and could have sworn that I stepped into India. Many Indian tourists filled the lobby along with their fantastically aromatic buffet breakfast.  I decided to go upstairs to our buffet (see picture below) witch was also very good and had a wide variety of foods to choose from including: rice, vegetable/noodle dishes, coleslaw sandwiches, fried eggs, fruit, danishes and cocoa krispies! Score!
I am now in the packed front lobby amidst the hustle and bustle of everyone eating breakfast, checking out, and getting onto very tall, skinny tour buses. It is very strange to hear so many voices without being able to understand a single word.  Time to meet the group and then we are off to Chiang Mai!!

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  1. Wow, sounds like a crazy trip! I can't imagine hearing all the voices and not understanding. Maybe you'll understand some by the time you come home!