Saturday, May 28, 2011


What to eat? Isn't that always the question? Thai people love to eat! So, I decided today to start documenting what I ate (I thought about this after breakfast which was chicken and rice and iced coffee).  For lunch, we ate on the CMU campus in their cafeteria. I really can't tell you what this is other than it is some delicious blend of rice, vegetables, and a little chicken. I also got fresh pineapple and an iced coffee (it's really Thai coffee but you get laughed at if you call it that here..... or so I'm told. haha)
Also, these space/super heroes that really resemble Space Man Spiff (Calvin & Hobbes) are all over the cafeteria giving you pointers and generally helping you out :)
Here is the view outside of the cafeteria:
I would take more pictures but it makes me feel like such a tourist! It would be like someone coming into the BMU food court and taking pictures of the salad and taco bars..... the students look at me funny and it's uncomfortable! lol

For dinner I ate at the cafe down stairs in the hostel. I have been playing it safe thus far because I don't want to be miserably sick my first couple of days but I decided to try something new this evening. Behold red curry with vegetables and some kind of white bean curd stuff over rice:
Firs of all, it isn't red. Second of all, I am quite sure I said "Mai Pet" (not spicy) multiple times. I guess, like everything else, spiciness is relative and all in the eye of the beholder. This was super spicy and I couldn't eat it. I don't want to waste it so it is currently untouched in my mini fridge if anyone wants it :)

So.... Round 2:
Chicken and vegetables in a non-spicy sauce over rice with an orange Fanta! Muuuuch better for this 'falang' (foreigner). I will try something new next time ;)


  1. Yikes!! I too cannot handle spicy food. GOOD LUCK. :)

  2. Falang? I thought it was called Farang. So funny about the pictures, but these pictures are awesome! I love the daily documenting of food! Keep this feature up! :D