Sunday, May 29, 2011

Orchids a plenty!

I have never seen so many orchids in my life!! (and I've been to Huntington Library Gardens!) So, if you love orchids and would like a picture, I have plenty :)
The kind of orchids that were here were Epiphytic orchids which means they grow on trees and don't require soil. You can see here that they aren't rooted in any way:
Some orchids looked familiar...

Some were the brightest I've ever seen....

Others the lightest...

And one type was the smallest!
I met some of their friends who were hanging out...

And saw the familiar looking (though not quite the same) Bird of Paradise:

And one other plant that just looked cool!
All in all a beautiful impromptu stop suggested by our Sorng-taa-ou driver!


  1. Oh, I would give your driver a hug for this side stop! What a wonderful image to behold! I love love love orchids. (I'm jealous) Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. What a visual feast! You must have felt dizzy with elation!