Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's Eat!!

One of the outings that I was most looking forward to was the Thai cooking class! Last Saturday was the day so we all loaded up in a couple of vehicles piloted by the cooking instructor and (I believe) her husband. Logically, the first stop we made was the market where the instructor stopped at one of the booths in the alley to educate us on local vegetables and spices. You could find just about anything in this market including:
***Warning: clicking on pictures to get more detail might get graphic!***


Veggies and Spices




Fried foods


And a butcher shop!
Plus the many vendors selling fine goods like:

Staple items

Pre-made food to go


And clothing!

They also had shops that sold household items. It's like Safeway and Walmart combined!! haha
Actually, it was awful! I spared you the picture of the woman outside hitting frogs over the head with the side of a hatchet, the inside of the butcher area (because I couldn't go in) and close ups on some of the "delicacies".  Also, be thankful that you can't smell the pictures because if you could experience what this place smelled like, you would be gagging (like I was).

Anywho.... After our trip to the market we went to the instructor's home where she has a fantastic set up for us! You can see our individual cooking stations in the background. FYI they sit on the floor to eat and relax so that's what we did!

Click to enlarge and see in more detail!
We would watch the instructor do a demo for us, explain the how's and why's and what not to do, and then we could taste what she'd made just in case we wanted to adjust the spices! First we started by making Pad Thai:

I'm not quite sure why that picture is green... the food definitely was not. I think the light must have been shining through something green at that moment. Anyway, that was delicious! I will definitely be making that when I get home!
Next up were some 'fresh rolls'. We could make them with any combo of tofu, sausage, available veggies, and sprouts. It was covered in a sweet sauce and then topped with scrambled egg and mild chilies. I was not a fan of these at all but aren't they pretty?? :)

Next up was some Green Thai Curry with chicken. I have learned that not all curry is created equal. I love Indian curry but Thai curry... not so much. I'm still loving the experience though!

Our last dish was chicken and cashews which was very tasty! We also made a dessert with 'pumpkin' and coconut cream (their pumpkin is different than ours). It was good but very sweet. Somehow I missed getting a picture of that.
The aftermath!
So fun! So tasty! So completely stuffed!!

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  1. I think it's fair to say that this was one of the best meals we've had so far on the trip.

    Your pictures (and delightful narrative) bring back the smells and tastes in all their mouthwatering glory!! Kudos.

    Ajarn Rob